Can I watch episodes of Korean dramas here?

No, we don't stream videos. You'll only be able to watch drama trailers on our site. However, we try to provide links where you can watch dramas for free online. A good place to start is at DramaFever.com. They seem to have the biggest selection of dramas available in English and are really high quality. Plus, you help support this site by clicking through to check out their videos.

Why aren't there any outfits for my favorite drama/actor?

We are still a really new site and all of us have day jobs, but we're working hard to find that information for you as soon as possible! If you would like to request that we prioritize outfits for a particular drama and/or actor, please let us know!

Are you going to KCON 2014?

We will be there in kdrama cosplay! Join us there to see which outfits we've chosen to wear. We'll be happy to meet and take pictures!